Our Services

At Town Planning Alliance, our point of difference is strong customer service delivery within the development realm. As our main focus is development assessment. We have developed a network of industry consultants who offer their valuable time and expertise to ensure all projects are vetted at their infancy. By drawing upon input from our alliance of specialist consultants we ensure that all developments reach their maximum potential with minimal risk.


Development Management Advice / Due Diligence

We believe a thorough due diligence ensures the success of your project prior to purchase.

We offer a comprehensive due diligence service that identifies project constraints beyond the planning arena. Often securing a development approval does not ensure development feasibility. Thus we commit to exploring post development approval constraints such as electricity supply, civil construction programming, land titling options and strata management challenges. Inbringing forward this assessment, we ensure that the development will progress beyond the planning arena seamlessly.

In addition, we take the opportunity to explore yield maximisation to optimise your commercial return.

Development Assessment

Our aim is to extract maximum value for your site by ensuring the application process is completed with minimum delays.  We know what can and can’t be approved and ensure our clients are given all the correct information to determine the best development decision for their project.  This approach has seen in excess of 1,500 projects being successfully approved and delivered.

We have projects ranging from Extension to Houses to Large Multi-Residential, Master Planning & Large Subdivisions.


Town Planning Alliance is proud to be a Brisbane City Council accredited consultant for RiskSMART & SealSMART.

Via RiskSmart Town Planning Alliance is able to deliver development approvals within 5 days. In doing so, we have created greater certainty for our clients while also reducing development costs through achieving a reduction in the standard application fees and holding costs.

Types of developments that we can submit via RISKSMART Include:

  • Industry & Warehouse Developments
  • Multi-Unit Dwellings
  • Single Unit Dwellings
  • New & Extensions to Houses in a Demolition Control Precinct
  • Commercial Developments
  • Reconfigurations of a lot

RiskSMART streamlines the assessment of selected low-risk development applications, significantly reducing time & money for your development.


At Town Planning Alliance, we understand that when a project has reached plan sealing phase, it has reached peak debt and incurring significant holding cost. Hence any delay in the plan sealing process will result in unnecessary additional holding costs.

To that end, we offer Brisbane City Council’s SealSmart service which seeks to expedite the plan sealing process. Brisbane City Council’s SealSMART initiative is a process aimed at improving Plan Sealing timeframes through enabling self-certification by Town Planning Alliance.

Through SealSMART Town Planning Alliance is able to deliver plan sealing applications within 5 days. In doing so, we have created greater certainty for our clients while also reducing holding costs and reaching the Titling process sooner.

Development Management Advice

Drawing upon our extensive experience in the development sector, we offer a holistic advisory service that ensures your development maximises financial return and time expediency. In doing so, we draw upon our knowledge of civil construction, plan sealing and strata management amongst other elements.

We understand that a strong development must have a strong strategy that caters for multiple eventualities and contingencies throughout the process. Development strategy formulation is our key strength and point of difference.